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Health IT Media is an online publisher of healthcare technology, startups, and venture capital funding news. Health IT Media covers every area in healthcare information technology and digital health systems, including: 

  • EHR/EMR systems: these software tools allow care providers to track and manage their patient’s medical records in one place.
  • Clinical decision support system enables medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients with greater accuracy and precision. 
  • e-Prescribing, also called electronic prescribing, is an intelligent app that lets doctors write and send a clear, error-free prescription directly to a pharmacy. 
  • Medical imaging advanced human body imaging techniques or applications that can assist medical imaging professionals in detecting abnormalities in X-ray or MRI images in less than a minute.
  • PACSa software system that allows healthcare professionals to store and exchange data captured by medical imaging systems.
  • Revenue cycle management is a helpful tool for hospitals to keep track of their daily cash inflows and outflows.
  • Interoperability makes it possible for healthcare professionals to exchange or share healthcare information across multiple health systems.
  • Practice management solutions—a suite of software applications that help hospitals/care providers automate and manage their day-to-day jobs.
  • Precision medicine, also called personalized medicine, is a new and more advanced treatment option that uses each person’s unique genetic makeup to diagnose or treat diseases.
  • Analytics: cloud-based solutions that can extract, analyze, and transform healthcare data into actionable insights to improve clinical outcomes.
  • Patient monitoring helps providers remotely monitor and deliver care for their patients to improve ongoing health problems.
  • Telehealth, often called telemedicine, allows your doctors to deliver health care services remotely for you without an in-person office visit.
  • mHealth provides tools for patients to track their health data and share it with their providers. Additionally, mobile apps can help users track their exercise and wellness goals.
  • Wearable devices are sensor-powered devices that can track patient health symptoms and generate vital data that users and providers can access through a companion app.
  • Symptom checkers are self-diagnosis tools that allow users to check their health symptoms. They can also interpret patient health records, recommend personalized interventions, and connect to the care team if needed.
  • Social health networks are LinkedIn-like online networking platforms for medical professionals and patients.
  • Medical Scribe is an assistant tool that uses machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing to record, summarize, and make clinical notes from natural conversations between a patient and a doctor.
  • Digital twins can create an exact digital copy of the human body.
  • Robotic surgery, often known as robot-assisted surgery, is a digital hybrid system that allows surgeons to perform complex procedures with more precision, flexibility, and control than traditional techniques.

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